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Roffes modellflyg All in models. Check out the rockets.
Sigma Bicycle computers.
Standox Complete paint system.

Land Speed Record Cars

Thrust SSC The team led by Richard Noble was the first to exceed the speed of sound and holds the current World Speed Record.
Spirit of America Craig Breedlove is fighting to bring the World Speed Record back to America.
Aussie Invader III Rosco McGlashan is leading the Aussie Invader III team which did plan to beat the americans and brittish to the sound barrier.
North American Eagle Yet another ambitious jet car project.
The Hoffman/Markley Streamliner One of the fastest streamliners at Bonneville today.
The Bean Bandits The Bean Bandits Car Club has been racing at Bonneville since 1951.

Land Speed Record Sites

Bonneville and El Mirage racing Lots of information on Land Speed Record racing.
FIA The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile is the governing body which recognises international Land Speed Records.
SCTA Southern California Timing Association - Land speed racing in California.
USFRA Utah Salt Flats Racing Association.

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