The chassie

The Chassis can be divided into three parts; front end, mid section and the tail.

The Dreamliner front end is similar to those found on "Go-Karts", but with some major changes, such as modified wheel angles, steering and a reinforced structure.

The driver's safety cage makes up the mid section of the car.while the tail houses the complete drivetrain and the engines. The two separate braking systems; hydraulic disc brake and a high speed braking parachute are also found in the tail.

In order to draw from experience on safety, the overall design as well as materials and dimensions are according to the rules and guidelines from Southern California Timing Association, USA. These rules where written for this kind of speed record vehicles and has been revised and updated during several decades.

All welding associated with primary or secondary safety was done by a welder licensed by the Swedish Auto Sport Federation. Most of the remainig welding as well as the complete design work was done by the two man team.

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