Project background

To compete and to set new speed records is something that has been attracting people for many years.

For the enthusiasts there is almost something magic about the word "Land Speed Record".

Whilst the auto manufacturers has seen the speed records as an opportunity to test new ideas and to get publicity, others have been attracted by the engineering challenge to achieve superior performance within the given design constraints.

No matter who you ask, setting records is something very special.

One of the most Classic type of land speed record is speed over a straight track with a flying start, the flying mile and kilometer being the most prestigious. Among the names to be found in the International Auto Sport Federations list of speed record holders through the times is famous names such as, Sir Malcom Campbell, John Cobb, Art Arfons and Richard Noble.

In January 1996 Tomas Leijon and Jonas Romblad recived an invitation to the Falkenberg Speed Record Attempt, the only record attempt held periodically in Europe. At this time the Dreamliner did only exist in the head of Tomas Leijon. The team set out to design and build a car capable of setting world speed records in the eight months available.

In september 1996 the Dreamliner III set a new World Record as well as a Swedish Record over the flying kilometer for cars with 350-500 ccm engine displacement. The car was still unpainted and was only driven at high idle on fourth gear out of six. This not only proved it could be done, but that the gaol was reached with a good margin. There is much more to come from the Dreamliner Team.

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